An Analysis of Foreign Tourism Demand for Croatian Destinations: Long-Run Elasticity Estimates

In the first issue of EIZ Working Papers, Andrea Mervar and James E. Payne provide long-run elasticity estimates associated with the aggregate foreign tourism demand for Croatian destinations in the period 1994:1-2004:4 using the autoregressive distributed lag (ARDL) approach. Given that tourism is a significant source of export revenues for Croatia, it is vital for policymakers to understand the factors affecting foreign tourism demand for Croatian destinations. Foreign tourism demand is proxied by the aggregate number of...

Croatian Economic Outlook Quarterly (January, 2007)

Here are the highlights from January, 2007 (No. 29) issue:Recent developments:- Croatian economy regains strength in the third quarter of 2006 with a 4.7 percent growth. - Personal consumption recorded a solid increase driven by the wage and employment expansion. - Government consumption increases moderately. - Investment activity keeps on with a solid growth. - Foreign trade dynamics cool down. - Labor market situation improves. - Strong credit expansion pressed the central bank to impose the credit ceiling. - Fiscal...

Cooperation Agreement

On 16 January, 2007, Dr. Sandra Švaljek (Director, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb) and Prof. Dr. Darko Tipurić (Dean, Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb) concluded the Cooperation Agreement. The basic goal of the Agreement is to establish mutual cooperation in scientific and educational activities.

Visit by The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

On December 19, 2006, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb hosted a team of researchers from The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW, Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche) – prof. dr. Michael Landesmann, Research Director, dr. Elisabeth Hagen, Executive Director, M.Sc. Hermine Vidovic, prof. Vladimir Gligorov and dr. Mario Holzner. Colleagues from WIIW made a presentation on their Report on Croatian Economy previously held to the members of GSV (Economic and Social Council, Croatia),...

Annual Prof. Dr Marijan Hanžeković Prize for 2006

Congratulations to our colleagues!The first prize in the regular category is awarded to Katarina Bačić and Maruška Vizek for the work:  A Brand New CROLEI – Do We Need  a New Prognostic Index?