The Institute upholds the principle of open access to its research findings. Accordingly, the results of its scientific research are published in various publications which are available at the Institute’s website and are presented publicly.

The Institute publishes the EIZ Working Papers series with the purpose of presenting initial results of research projects, and other activities undertaken by the Institute's associates. Working Papers describe research in progress by the author(s) and are published in order to induce discussion and critical comments. The EIZ Working Papers series is available online at the Institute’s website.
The journal Economic Trends and Economic Policy publishes research and professional papers relating to all fields of economics. Emphasis is placed on empirical and policy-oriented papers that rely on experiences of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European countries.
The journal Croatian Economic Survey is an English-language, peer-reviewed scholarly journal published annually by the Institute of Economics, Zagreb in Croatia. The journal aims to serve as a forum for academics and practitioners by publishing high-quality research papers on topics in all areas of economics and related disciplines. Special focus is given to post-socialist Europe. Comparative studies are especially encouraged, since these countries share a similar socio-economic background and comparative studies offer a valuable source of insight for policy formulation as well as a basis for competitive benchmarking.

SEE-6 Economic Outlook is a biannual publication in English that gives an overview of economic trends and short-term forecasts for the six countries of Southeast Europe: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Serbia. Each issue also provides an analysis whereby these countries are compared from the perspective of one current economic topic.

The Institute informs the broader public about its latest research activities, findings and other activities undertaken at EIZ through its website and the newsletter EIZ e-NEWS.
Furthermore, the Institute’s own publishing department has published several books in English which have made their mark beyond Croatia and has extensively improved the quality of the Institute’s serial publications, which have consequently been included in several international bibliographic databases.
Within its areas of professional contribution, the Institute is making a considerable impact with its quarterly publication Croatian Economic Outlook Quarterly which provides an impartial analysis of recent macroeconomic trends and gives short-term forecasts.

EIZ's Department for Regional Economics, Sustainability and Governance publishes Regio-novosti (Regio-news) with an aim to share knowledge and information in the field of regional development, encourage cooperation between scientific, professional and broader audiences, as well as active involvement in international associations, and facilitate cooperation in the region.

Sektorske analize (Sector Analyses) is an online publication offering expert and impartial analyses of various sectors of the economy. In addition to an analysis of the main sectoral indicators for the Croatian market, the publication also provides a comparison with the EU market. The analysis includes an overview of the leading Croatian companies in the sector as well as forecasts for the current and following year.

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