The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is a public scientific institute with over seventy-five years of experience in conducting scientific and development research in the field of economics. Owing to the impartiality and quality of its research team, it has gained the reputation of the country's leading research institute in the field of economics. The quality of its work is also reflected in an interdisciplinary approach to research which enables a comprehensive understanding of contemporary issues in economics.
Fields of research
  • Economic growth, economic policy and convergence
  • Current economic trends, short‐term forecasts and fiscal policy
  • Regional economics, sustainability and governance
  • Industrial economics, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Labor market, human resources and social issues.
Commissioned projects and services
Research projects are commissioned by various national and international business organizations and public institutions: ministries, state agencies and offices, local and regional government units, public and private companies, Croatian National Bank, World Bank, European Commission, various international organizations and other clients. Services provided by the Institute include: analyzing current economic trends, preparing macroeconomic forecasts, developing methodology, creating strategic documents, preparing background papers for economic policy makers and providing consultancy services.

In stride with current developments and needs, the Institute of Economics, Zagreb is primarily focused on:
  • Economic aspects of EU accession
  • Innovation and technological development
  • Investment in human capital
  • Demographic changes, poverty, unemployment and social exclusion
  • Corruption and fiscal decentralization
  • Sustainable growth and regional development policies
  • Restructuring and competitiveness of business organizations

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb has the necessary experience and skilled team of researchers to meet demanding projects of national interest on a nation-wide scope. The majority of research to date has indeed been of national importance as the findings serve as background papers for the preparation of strategic and development documents and for the implementation of economic policies. Among other accomplishments, the Institute’s research has effected the implementation of a number of reforms, company restructuring programs, the anti-inflation program, anti-recession measures and measures aimed at revitalising the economy, etc. 
There are two principal areas of activity of the Institute:
  • scientific research in the field of economics and
  • applied research projects for national and international business entities, organisations and institutions.

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb carries out scientific research in the field of economics and conducts scientific programs related to the strategic interests of the Republic of Croatia. The Institute applies and verifies scientific accomplishments in applied research projects, supports and advises business entities, state administration and local government based on its expertise, builds international cooperation and informs the public about the results of its research.
The research projects of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb are conducted in the field of economics and the majority of research projects are related to economic topics of strategic significance for the Republic of Croatia. Nearly all projects carried out at the Institute belong to the category of applied research and their results are intended to serve as recommendations and support for policy makers on the national and local level, as well as to assist business leaders, through the application of scientific methodology, in their decision-making process.