Elektronički časopisi i novine

Banka magazine

Brookings Institution
Brookings papers on economic activity

Economist intelligence unit
Country reports Hrvatska

The Economist

1. Management Science (do 2013.)
2. Marketing Science

MIT press
Review of Economics and Statistics

New School for Social Research
Social Research

OECD Journals: (do 2013.)
1. Journal on Budgeting
2. Journal on Business Cycle Measurement and Analysis
3. Competition Law and Policy
4. Economic Studies
5. Financial Market Trends
6. General Papers
OECD Main Economic Indicators
OECD Main Science and Technology Indicators  (do 2013.)

Oxford journals
Quarterly Journal of Economics

RRIF d.o.o.
Računovodstvo, revizija i financije

Sage časopisi
1. Global Social Policy (do 2012.)
2. Journal of European Social Policy
3. Local Economy
4. National Institute Economic Review

Taylor & Francis
1.  Eastern European Economics
2.  Economic Systems Research
3.  Europe-Asia Studies
4.  Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis
5.  Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning
6.  Local Government Studies
7.  Post-communist Economies
8.  Regional and Federal Studies  (do 2014.)
9.  Regional Studies
10. The International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research 
11. Urban Research and Practice

University of Chicago Press časopisi via JSTOR
1. Economic Development and Cultural Change (do 2012.)
2. Journal of Consumer Research 
3. Journal of Labor Economics
4. Journal of Political Economy

University of Wisconsin Press
Land Economics (do 2012.)

Wiley and Sons
1. European Financial Management
2. Journal of the European Economic Association
3. Review of Income and Wealth