Project monitoring and evaluation: Assessment of the Second Science and Technology Project

Commisioned by: Ministry of Science and Education
Project duration: July 23, 2019 – April 17, 2020
Project manager: Sonja Radas
CollaboratorsIvan-Damir Anić, Bruno Škrinjarić, Tanja Broz, Valerija Botrić

Second Science and Technology Project (STPII) is a project financed by the World Bank, with the goal of improving the Croatian innovation system. One of the most important effects is increased ability to absorb EU funds. This project consists of two components: component A, which evaluates capacity building for absorption of EU funds, and component B, which evaluates the effectiveness of research and innovation programs administered by HAMAG-BICRO and UKF. Within the second component, questionnaires will be constructed and administered to program applicants. Data will be analyzed using regression and propensity matching. Based on the data, the effectiveness of the program will be estimated.