An Overview of the Real Estate Market in the Republic of Croatia

Commissioned by: Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets
Project duration: May 15, 2023  - September 30, 2023 
Project manager: Ivana Rašić
Collaborators: Maruška Vizek, Sunčana Slijepčević, Nebojša Stojčić, Vladimir Sukser

The main goal of the publication is to make publicly available basic information regarding the state and trends on the real estate market in Croatia in order to enable a more effective management of Croatian real estate and a more efficient and rational management of the Croatian territory. The overview of the real estate market in Croatia focuses on the existing conditions and trends on the real estate market. It thereby differentiates between several types of real estate properties: apartments (including apartments built for tourist accommodation), family houses, business properties, construction properties, agricultural properties, and forest land. The data presentation emphasizes the average (median) purchase prices of real estate, the average size of the real estate, and the average age of the real estate (in case of residential properties). Data are provided for each type of real estate and each type of indicator on a national level, county level, the level of local self-government units, and the level of cadastral municipalities for the City of Zagreb.

RESEARCH AREA: Croatian economy