Design of supply and use tables in accordance with CPA 2008 and NCA 2007 for 2010

Commissioned by: Croatian Bureau of Statistics
Project duration: April 10, 2014 – October 30, 2014
Project manager: Davor Mikulić, PhD

This project's goal was the compilation of supply and use tables in current prices for the Republic of Croatia for 2010. Supply and use tables are the basic input in the process of symmetric input-output table compilation in current prices. For the purpose of symmetric input-output compilation, besides supply and use tables, we also constructed trade and transport margins table in order to compute output valued at market prices. Block of subsidies and taxes on products was calculated. This block represents the difference between market and basic prices. Total uses were subcategorized into division between domestic and foreign uses. Domestic supply table was compiled at the level of 223 product groups (kpd) and 60 NACE activities. Basic discrepancies in the system of macro aggregates were identified and the process of data reconciliation should follow at the more detailed data level. Supply and use tables were expressed in market prices, what implies conversion of basic into market prices. At the end, balancing was needed in order to make total supply equals to total demand at market prices. All calculations were done in excel tables in order to provide comparison and links with other statistical data sources.