Service departments

Director's Office

Magdalena Pongrac
Magdalena Pongrac, Secretary to the Director
Ivona Krezić
Ivona Krezić, Project manager
Samah Oreč
Samah Oreč, Project manager

Legal Affairs, Human Resources and General Affairs

Tena Gržičić Sitar
Tena Gržičić Sitar, Head of Legal and General Affairs
Luka De Marco
Luka De Marco, Administrative secretary
Vlasta Minković
Vlasta Minković, Administrative assistant
Slavica Grgić
Slavica Grgić, Cleaning staff
Mara Vrbat
Mara Vrbat, Cleaning staff
Morana Mahenić
Morana Mahenić, Receptionist
Marija Kovač
Marija Kovač, Receptionist (substitute for Morana Mahenić)
Ljerka Paulić Rašić
Ljerka Paulić Rašić, Kitchen manager and cleaning staff
Gabrijela Šelendić
Gabrijela Šelendić, Kitchen manager
Darko Miklenić
Darko Miklenić, Technical assistant and occupational safety specialist

Accounting and Finance Department

Renata Matošec
Renata Matošec, Head of Accounting and Finance
Danijela Dubravac
Danijela Dubravac, Financial project manager
Iva Blažević
Iva Blažević, Financial project manager (substitute for Danijela Dubravac)
Marica Vugrinec
Marica Vugrinec, Accountant


Vjekoslav Slavujac
Vjekoslav Slavujac, Head of Library

Information Technology

Dragan Džunić
Dragan Džunić, Head of IT Department

Publishing Department

Doris Dresto
Doris Dresto, Head of Publishing Department
Doris Baničević
Doris Baničević, Editorial assistant
Vladimir Sukser
Vladimir Sukser, Technical assistant