HRZZ UIP-2017-05-8876: CROATIAN VIOLENCE MONITOR – A Study of the Phenomenology, Etiology, and Prosecution of Delinquent Violence with Focus on Protecting Particularly Vulnerable Groups of Victims

Grant holder: University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
Duration: March 1, 2018 – February 29, 2024
EIZ member: Vedran Recher

The CroViMo project aims to establish a multidisciplinary group of young researchers who will conduct innovative research into violence in Croatia through its "Violence Research Lab". The main objective of the research is to empirically and normatively record and analyze the phenomenology, etiology and prosecution of delinquent violence in Croatia, with the emphasis on particularly vulnerable groups of victims with their very specific and different needs for protection against violence. These particularly vulnerable groups include: children; women and girls; elderly; minorities, foreigners, refugees and migrants; persons in institutionalized care; high-risk professions; and LGBT. Unlike the usual so-called “mainstream” approach to violence research, which mainly focuses on specific (sub) types of violence and / or groups of victims outside the general context of delinquent violence, CroViMo will first conduct an original research of total delinquent violence, before focusing on its particular (sub) types. This holistic approach is based on the assumption that the study of a particular (sub) type of violence, without empirical data on the general violent context, leads to fragmented and potentially distorted understandings of particular (sub) types of violence observed. CroViMo's main task will be to develop and test a new innovative classification of delinquent violence, a "genuine delinquent violence classification system ", which will not be subject to the normative limitations of current classifications, but will focus solely on the phenomenon of violence itself. Such a classification system could mark a turning point in the field of violence research. This ambitious work plan, if successfully implemented, should ensure the long-term development of the CroViMo project into a recognized national, regional and European "Violence Research Lab ", and attract further national and international scientific collaborations and successful new collaborative project applications, with great potential for the transfer of scientific knowledge into practice.

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