Job advertisement for the scientific job position of research associate

July 24, 2019

Based on Articles 40 and 41 of the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act (Official Gazette 123/03, 198/03, 105/04, 174/04, 02/07, 46/07, 45/09, 63/11, 94/13 (Article 67), 139/13, 101/14, 131/17), and Articles 37 and 63 of the Institute’s Statute, and in accordance with the approval of the Ministry of Science and Education, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is issuing the following job advertisement.

J O B   A D V E R T I S E M E N T

I. This job advertisement is issued for the scientific job position of research associate, in the scientific area of social sciences – field of economics, permanent employment contract, 1 employee.

Requirements: Applicants must meet the requirements for appointment into the scientific job position of a research associate as prescribed by the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act (the Act) and the Institute's Ordinance on Additional Criteria for Appointment to Scientific Rank (the Ordinance):
- PhD degree
- academic publications affirming the candidate as an acknowledged scientist
- scientific criteria from the Ordinance
- project criteria from the Ordinance
- public-professional criteria from the Ordinance
- excellent English skills in oral and in academic writing

II. Appointment into the scientific job position is conducted in accordance with Article 40 through Article 42 of the Act.

Enclosed with their signed application, applicants must send:
- curriculum vitae in English
- copy of ID card and personal identification document proving the applicant has EU or EEA citizenship
- copy of the evidence of acquired PhD degree (in original language certified translation in Croatian for PhD degrees obtained from institutions outside Croatia)
- copy of the evidence of scientific rank (if the applicant has been appointed to a Croatian scientific rank)
- completed Form on Compliance with the Criteria from the Ordinance
- list of at least 6 published academic papers (publication with up to three co-authors is counted as one publication; out of a total minimum of six publications required, one publication may be in the “accepted for publishing” status, in which case proof of that publication status must be provided; list must be in English)
- list of research projects (in English)
- applicants who have earned their PhD outside Croatia must enclose with their application the Ruling on the Recognition of Foreign Higher Educational Qualifications issued by the Agency for Science and Higher Education or a receipt for the submission of an application for the said Ruling
- contact details for two persons affiliated with academic institutions who will be providing recommendations in English.
The Ordinance and Form on Compliance with the Criteria from the Ordinance are available at the Institute's website

III. Female and male candidates are equally encouraged to apply for the job advertisement. Please send your application to e-mail address: by September 1, 23.59 CET. Late applications will not be considered. For additional information, please contact Ms. Ivona Krezic at, visit INOMICS website or EIZ website ( This job offer is opened for EU and EEA citizens.

Applicants who fulfil the terms of this job advertisement will be invited for an interview by the Committee. The selection results will be announced within 8 days after the successful applicant is selected on the Institute’s website (

IV. By sending the job application, the applicant is giving The Institute of Economics, Zagreb consent to collect and process personal data listed in the application and in the enclosed documents, for the purpose of candidate selection, as well as consent to announce the selection results on the Institute’s website. Personal data that are collected will be processed according to the valid regulations. The applicant can withdraw this consent at any time without explanation and request the Institute to stop processing their personal data. Withdrawal of consent can be requested via e-mail.

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb