Job advertisement - Research assistant

January 21, 2022

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is issuing the following
J O B   A D V E R T I S E M E N T
I. This job advertisement is issued for the associate job position of research assistant, in the scientific area of social sciences – field of economics – for work on the project "The role of local and regional units in achieving the sustainable development goals (RELI2030)", 1 employee.
The contract will be signed for fixed-term employment lasting 5 years, with the purpose of obtaining a PhD.

Applicants must meet the requirements for appointment into the rank of associate and job position of research assistant as prescribed by the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act (the Act) and the Institute’s general act on employment into associate job positions,
Completed university graduate studies or integrated undergraduate and graduate studies in social sciences, the field of economics, or natural sciences, the field of mathematics.

II. Appointment into the associate job position is conducted in accordance with Articles 40 and 43 of the Scientific Activity and Higher Education Act and Article 64 of the Institute’s Statute.
Enclosed with their signed application, applicants must send:
  • curriculum vitae,
  • evidence of requested educational degree (applicants who have earned their higher educational qualifications outside Croatia must enclose with their application the Ruling on the Recognition of Foreign Higher Educational Qualifications issued by the Agency for Science and Higher Education or a receipt for the submission of an application for the said Ruling),
  • document proving EU citizenship,
  • transcript of grades during their studies,
  • recommendation letter from a university professor.
Applicants can also enclose other documents which they consider relevant for their application (recognitions or awards for excellence in their studies and research work, participation in scientific research, presentations they have personally held at scientific conferences, published scientific papers, etc.).

III. Applicants who are, according to special provisions, entitled to an advantage when applying to employment in the public service, must invoke their right in the application and enclose with the application all documents required by the special provision, and will, in that case, have an advantage over other candidates, under equal conditions.

IV. The selected candidate must present the original or certified copies of the evidence required before the employment contract is signed.

V. Female and male candidates are equally encouraged to apply for the job advertisement. The deadline for application is 30 days from the publication of this job advertisement. Applications should be sent by registered post or delivered in a closed envelope in person at the address: The Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Trg J. F. Kennedyja 7, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, and marked as “Application for Assistant – RELI2030”. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

VI. A selection procedure will be organized for applicants. Information about the job description, salary, and candidate testing will be published on the Institute’s website The selection results will be announced within 8 days after the successful applicant is selected on the Institute’s website.

VII. By sending the job application, the applicant is giving the Institute of Economics, Zagreb consent to collect and process personal data listed in the application and in the enclosed documents, for the purpose of candidate selection, as well as consent to announce the selection results on the Institute’s website. Collected personal data will be processed according to the valid regulations. The applicant can withdraw this consent at any time without explanation and request the Institute to stop processing their personal data. Withdrawal of consent can be requested via e-mail.