Case Studies on Collaboration with China

Commissioned by: Ningbo Technology University - China-CEEC Innovation Cooperation Research Center
Project duration: March 21 - June 29, 2024
Project manager: Zoran Aralica
Collaborator: Ivan-Damir Anić

This research focuses on industrial/innovation collaboration between China and Croatia and investigates the magnitude and effects of cooperation, motives, obstacles, and perspectives for cooperation, and provides suggestions on how to improve this collaboration in today’s turbulent economic and political environment, which might facilitate policy planning of cooperation between enterprises in both countries. The study presents case studies from interviews with managers of companies on innovation collaboration in CEE (the countries in Central and Eastern Europe)/Croatian and Chinese markets. We examine cross-national innovation collaboration, which refers to the process by which organisations and companies from different countries work together to create, develop, and implement innovative ideas, technologies, or solutions.

RESEARCH AREAInternational economics