About us

Maruška Vizek, project manager:
  • Research interests: applied international macroeconomics, housing economics, international finance, energy economics
Tajana Barbić, research associate
  • Research interests: international finance, asset valuation, financial markets, financial management, housing economics, entrepreneurship 
Anita Čeh Časni, research associate
  • Research interests: panel data analysis, applied macroeconomics, housing economics, tourism economics, statistical analysis in economics
Ivana Logar, research associate
  • Research interests: environmental and natural resources economics, environmental management, economic valuation of ecosystem services, tourism economics, water economics
Josip Mikulić, research associate
  • Research interests: tourism management, tourism economics, destination marketing and management, market research, customer experience and loyalty, research methodology
James E. Payne, research associate
  • Research interests: applied time series econometrics, real estate, tourism economics, financial economics, energy economics
Nebojša Stojčić, research associate
  • Research interests: economics of innovation, spatial econometrics, urban and regional economics, competitiveness, industrial economics
Josipa Filić, research associate (PhD student)
  • Research interests: panel data analysis, housing economics, macroeconomics, econometric analysis

Project coordinator: Ivona Krezić 
phone: + 385 1 2362237
e-mail: ikrezic@eizg.hr 

This work has been fully supported by Croatian Science Foundation under the Project IP-2019-04-7386.