Cross sectoral analysis of the Transport and Logistics Sector and Economics and Trade Sector – XSEK

Commissioned by: Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Split
Project duration: December 15, 2015 – January 15, 2016
Project manager: Ivan Žilić
Collaborator: Bruno Škrinjarić

Project goals: 
The main goal of this project was to create a base for occupations which the Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split was trying to develop with their project “Maritime management for 21st century”. Cross-sectional analysis encompassed occupations from two rather large Croatian Qualifications Framework (CQF) sectors – sector Traffic and Logistics and sector Economics and Trade. Due to specifics of occupations which were in developing process, there was a need for matching of two sectors by combining different occupations from each of them. By combining occupations from these two sectors the end result was a niche inside Traffic and Logistics sector which also included elements from tourism and the name of this new sector is “Nautical Tourism”.   

  1. Development of profile for CQF subsector “Maritime and river traffic” with supporting tables and graphs.
  2. On the basis of the delivered codes of vocations from National classification of occupations from 1998 and secondary and tertiary school programme codes, development of new subsector profile under the title “Nautical tourism”, with supporting tables and graphs.
Methodology: The methodology was based on Methodology for development and interpretation of CQF sectors developed by Ministry of Labour and Pension System available on link, consisting of various methods of descriptive statistics based on large data sets relevant for the particular sector, including pivot tables and charts.