Scientific-research project on spatial-economic aspects of revitalization and reindustrialisation of the City of Vukovar

Commissioned by: Fund for Reconstruction and Development of the City of Vukovar
Project duration: May 23, 2017 – February 22, 2018
Project manager: Goran Buturac
Collaborators: Marijana SumporIrena ĐokićLjiljana BožićEdo Rajh

The project's objective was to contribute to building a sound economic base for sustainable development of the City of Vukovar based on its development potential. The results were a scientifically based and objective assessment of the economic situation of the City of Vukovar with special emphasis on spatial and industrial development capacities, identified spatial and economic-development potential of the City of Vukovar, identified competitive and collaborative advantages of the City of Vukovar, and proposed development projects in Vukovar.