65th Anniversary Conference of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb - Proceedings

Conference Proceedings contains the final versions of all the papers presented at the 65th Anniversary Conference of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb, held in November 2004. The papers are separated into seven sections by theme, covering the current economic issues that the transition economies were faced with during the EU accession process. The editorial board believes that the published papers will highlight some neglected themes, increase the understanding of certain economic phenomena and in some cases inspire and encourage further research. Download book


ISBN 9536030-29-2 

Editorial Board: Željko LovrinčevićAndrea Mervar, Dubravko Mihaljek, Mustafa NušinovićSonja RadasNenad StarcSandra Švaljek and Ivan Teodorović. 
Publisher: The Institute of Economics, Zagreb 
Publication Date: 2005 


Economic Reforms and Corruption in Transition Countries
Jelena Budak and Rajeev Goel 

Postcommunist Judicial System: The Deep-rooted Difficulties in Overcoming Communist Legacies - With Special Regard to Croatia
Bruno Schönfelder 

Evaluating Macroeconomic Strategies with a Calibrated Model
Péter Benczúr, András Simon and Viktor Várpalotai 

The Stability and Growth Pact from the Perspective of the New EU Member States
Gábor Orbán and György Szapáry 

Fiscal Implications of the Aging Population in Croatia
Sandra Švaljek

The Determinants of Wages in Croatia: Evidence from Earnings Regressions
Danijel Nestić 

Human Capital and Unemployment in Transition Economies: The Case of Kosovo
Avdullah Hoti 

Deposit Interest Rates, Asset Risk and Bank Failure in Croatia
Evan Kraft and Tomislav Galac 

Household Wealth in New Europe: Towards the EU
Debora Revoltella and Fabio Mucci 

Monetary Policy in Real-Time Situations: The Relevance of Simple Instrument Rules
Heinz Glück and Stefan P. Schleicher 

External Balances, Capital Flows, and Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies in Central and Eastern Europe
Keynote speaker: Dubravko Mihaljek 

Comparison of the Structure and Development of International Trade Within the Framework of EU Enlargement: The Case of Croatia
Goran Buturac, Željko Lovrinčević and Ivan Teodorović 

Capital Flows to Transition Economies: Implications for Investment
Željko Lovrinčević, Zdravko Marić and Davor Mikulić  

Central and Eastern Europe in the EU Innovation System: Asset or Liability?
Keynote speaker: Slavo Radošević 

Innovation Policy in Croatia: the First 10 Years
Jadranka Švarc 

Innovation in Croatian Enterprises: Preliminary Findings from Community Innovation Survey
Domagoj Račić, Sonja Radas and Edo Rajh 

Patenting Activity for Innovation Capacity Building Process in Selected Central and East European Countries
Đuro Kutlača 

Foreign Business-led Mobility for Upgrading the Flow of Knowledge (New Measure and the Hungarian Experience)
Annamaria Inzelt 

Competitiveness of Companies and Sectors on the Road to the European Union
Keynote speaker: Bruce L. Jaffee  

Business Groups in Russia: Internal Organisation and Innovation Strategies
Svetlana Avdasheva 

Stock Ownership and Corporate Control as Determinants of Company Modernization: The Case of Russia
Tatiana G. Dolgopyatova 

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on Export Competitiveness of Companies and Sectors: the Case of Baltic States
Malgorzata Runevic 

The European Economic Space: the Governance of Industrial and Knowledge Networks in Medium Technology Sectors
Keynote speaker: Riccardo Cappellin 

The Spatial Dimensions of Development in Croatia – from Theory to Policy Vacuum
Željka Kordej De Villa, Ivana Rašić Bakarić, Nenad Starc, Paul Stubbs, Marijana Sumpor and Jelena Šišinački 

The Possible Economic Effects of EU Policy Funds Inflow to Croatia
Branko Grčić, Željko Mrnjavac and Blanka Petković 

Monetary Transmission Mechanisms in Transition Economies
Maruška Čenić 

Minimum Mean Variance Portfolio of Croatian Stocks
Tanja Broz and Tomislav Ridzak 

Well-being and EU Integration
Dávid Takács 

The Impact of Bank Ownership on Balance of Payments Through the Income Account in Croatia
Sunčana Slijepčević and Zrinka Živković 

The Analysis of Profit and Cost Centres in the Value Chain – A Case of the Croatian Wood Manufacturing Company
Mihaela Grubišić and Gorana Roje

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