2016: Regional training program for evaluators in the Western Balkans on impact evaluation of projects, programmes and policies for smart growth till 2020 – EVALUATION TRAINING

Commissioned by: Slovenian evaluation society 
Project duration: July 20–30, 2016 
Project leader: Marijana Sumpor, PhD
Collaborators: Ivica Rubil, PhD, Irena Đokić, PhD, Nenad Starc, PhD

  • Project goals: The main goal of the training was to introduce and transfer know-how on evaluation methods and practical experiences to officials that are actively engaged with evaluations.     
  • Activities:
    • preparation of training materials            
    • implementation of training 
    • evaluation of training by participants
    • report on implemented training
  • Methodology: Basics on evaluation methods were introduced, and the discussion encompassed practical issues such as needed data, their quality, hardware and software, the method's usefulness and applicability. Lectures were interactive, a round table and focus groups were organised as well as groupwork based on a practice case.
  • Results achieved/outputs produced: The result of the training are 28 trained participants. Outcomes are that participants apply the gained knowledge contracting evaluation studies and have a better understanding of evaluation study results.