Job advertisement for the scientific job position of research associate

May 3, 2023

The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is issuing the following
I. This job advertisement is issued for the scientific job position of research associate, in the scientific area of social sciences – field of economics, permanent employment contract, 1 employee.
Requirements: Applicants must meet the requirements for appointment into the scientific job position of research associate as prescribed by the Act on Higher Education and Scientific Activity (Official Gazette 119/22 – the Act), the Ordinance on Criteria for Appointment to Scientific Rank (Official Gazette 28/17, 72/19, 21/21, 111/22 – the Ordinance) and the Institute’s Ordinance on Additional Criteria for Appointment to Research Positions (EIZ Ordinance).
Advantages: Advantage will be given to applicants who have published papers and participated in scientific research in the field of analyzing welfare, wages, and distribution (JEL classification I3, J3, and D3), and with experience in using contemporary microeconometric methods.

II. Appointment into the scientific job position is conducted in accordance with Article 39 through 41 of the Act.
Applicants must enclose:
- signed application
- curriculum vitae
- evidence of academic degree (applicants who have earned their higher educational qualifications outside Croatia must enclose the Ruling on the Recognition of Foreign Higher Educational Qualifications issued by the Agency for Science and Higher Education or a receipt for the submission of an application for the said Ruling)
- evidence of scientific rank (if the applicant has been appointed to a scientific rank)
- a printout of papers from the CROSBI database
- index and citation certificate issued by the authorized library
- list of published scientific papers (applicants who have not been appointed to a scientific rank must also include published scientific papers relevant for appointment to scientific rank according to the Ordinance)
- list of research projects the applicant has participated in
- completed Form on Compliance with the Criteria from the EIZ Ordinance. The EIZ Ordinance and Form on Compliance with the Criteria from the EIZ Ordinance are available at the Institute’s website at .

III. Female and male candidates are equally encouraged to apply for the job advertisement. The deadline for application is 30 days from the publication of this job advertisement. Applications and enclosed documents should be sent by e-mail to: and marked as “Job advertisement – research associate”. Late applications will not be considered. Candidates who best meet the requirements will be invited to an interview. The selection results will be announced within 8 days after the successful candidate is selected on the Institute’s website at .

IV. By sending the job application, the applicant is giving the Institute of Economics, Zagreb consent to collect and process personal data listed in the application and in the enclosed documents, for the purpose of candidate selection, as well as consent to announce the selection results on the Institute’s website. Personal data that are collected will be processed according to the valid regulations. The applicant can withdraw this consent at any time without explanation and request the Institute to stop processing their personal data. Withdrawal of consent can be requested via e-mail.