Developing a standardized methodology to optimize the costing of kindergartens fees

Commissioned by: United Nations Children’s Fund
Project duration: August 16, 2021 – April 30, 2022
Project manager: Ivan Žilić

The importance of early child development for future success in life is a generally accepted and well-known fact. Therefore, both kindergarten and preschool education play an essential role. This project aimed to provide an analytical basis in order to make the system of early and preschool education in Croatia more inclusive and more accessible. Therefore, this project developed a standardized methodology for the optimal price of kindergartens and preschool education. The project payed special attention to the affordability of preschool education, as well as to the challenges of local funding that supports it. While testing the proposed methodology, the municipalities of Međimurje County were consulted.

RESEARCH AREA: Inequality, poverty and social policy