Labour Markets and Well-being in the Context of an Ageing Population

Commissioned by: The Institute of Economics, Zagreb
Project duration: January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2027
Project manager: Danijel Nestić
Collaborators: Valerija Botrić, Tibor Kovač, Marko Ledić, Lea-Karla Matić, Ivica Rubil, Paul Stubbs

The main goal of the project is to explore contemporary trends in labour markets and their impact on the well-being in the specific context of an ageing population, and to analyze the role of economic policy in adapting to new circumstances. The research is structured around seven thematic units: a) structural changes in the labour markets; b) income distribution and well-being; c) the role of taxes and social transfers in increasing well-being; d) pensions and the pension system - adequacy and long-term sustainability; e) intergenerational transfers - effects on employment and well-being; f) gender (in)equality and well-being; g) social protection and social policy. The research is based on the analysis of anonymized individual-level survey and administrative data and the application of appropriate micro-econometric methods. The expected scientific contribution is the extension of the existing knowledge about the labour markets, health and social protection in the context of an ageing population, and the development of new, or adaptation of existing methodological concepts. With recommendations for economic and social policy makers, the project could contribute to a more effective adaptation to the upcoming challenges of population ageing.

RESEARCH AREAS: Labor market and competenciesPensions and ageing; Inequality, poverty and social policy


Project ''Labour Markets and Well-being in the Context of an Ageing Population'', monitored by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, was funded within the National Recovery and Resilience Plan 2021–2026 – NextGenerationEU.