Determining the economically justified compensation for the right of path for the telecommunications infrastructure

Commissioned by: Croatian Telecom Inc.
Project duration: October 15, 2017 – March 15, 2018
Project manager: Maruška Vizek
Collaborator: Marina Tkalec, Tajana BarbićTena GržičićMaruška Vizek

Brief outline:
The purpose of the project is to analyses the main determinants of the right-of-way fee on electronic communication infrastructure (ECI) in Croatia and European countries in order to determine whether the current level of the fee in Croatia is appropriately set. Within the project we conduct the analysis divided into four segments. In the first segment we study the regulatory framework of the right-of- way fees on ECI in Croatia and other European countries. In the second segment we look into the cost burden the right-of-way fee poses to telecoms in the region. In the third segment, the right-of- way fee is analyzed in the context of the digital development of individual countries, while in the fourth segment we analyze the right-of-way fee in the context of the value of the land through which ECI passes. The result of the analysis is a set of recommendations for public policy makers.

RESEARCH AREAS: Sectors and enterprises; Croatian economy