Youth Activation Network – a new project for new opportunities

In March 2021, our active contribution starts on the Youth Activation Network project, approved as part of the Call for Thematic Networks for Socio-Economic Development and the Promotion of Social Dialogue in the Context of Improving Working Conditions.

Without infrastructural support and systematic communication with young people, encouraging young people to act at the earliest age and continuously working with them, no society has active youth in the community. Working with young people is a prerequisite for their activation. This project builds a network to support young people in the process of active involvement in community life by connecting different organizations working for young people and the scientific community.

The aim of the project is to involve the academic community and decision makers in the processes of open dialogue on youth in order to improve the quality of life of young people in Croatia.

With this project, we want to provide an opportunity for young people to be actively involved and be an example to their peers, and to provide various trainings and research activities to strengthen the resources of civil society organizations working with young people to better respond to the needs of young people.

The Youth Activation Network project started on November 1, 2020 and will run for two and a half years.

The project leader is the Association “Imagine”, and the Institute of Economics, Zagreb participates as one of the partners in a consortium of 15 partner associations and the Faculty of Law, University of Split. The role of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb in the project refers to the preparation of scientific research related to the topics of the project that will be conducted by Valerija Botrić, PhD and Ivica Rubil, PhD.
The contents of this article are the sole responsibility of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb.