New book published by the Institute of Economics, Zagreb

The Basics of Input-Output Analysis with Application to Croatian Economy is a new book published by the Institute of Economics, Zagreb. The author of this latest edition is Davor Mikulić, PhD  from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb. 

The book presents the role input-output tables play in the System of National Accounts (SNA), the statistical aspects of their compilation, an overview of the analytical techniques of input-output analysis, and their application to Croatian economy.

It is aimed at everyone who wishes to familiarize themselves with the assumptions, analytical possibilities, but also with limitations concerning the implementation of the input-output technique. The results present the multiplier effects of the individual components of final demand, the intensity of cross-sectoral relationships of the Croatian production sector, the total import dependency and other indicators, which might be interesting for the general public as well as policy makers.

The book is published as an e-book in open access and can be downloaded for free at the website of the Institute of Economics, Zagreb. The language of the publication is Croatian.