The role of m-advertising in m-purchases: Moderating effect of consumer innovativeness

Commissioned by:  The Institute of Economics, Zagreb 
Project duration: February 1, 2020–January 31, 2021
Project manager: Ivan-Damir Anić
Collaborators: Nicoletta Corrocer (ICRIOS, Bocconi University, Italy), Mirela Mihić (University of Split, Croatia), Ivana Kursan Milaković (University of Split, Croatia)

This project aims to develop and test the model that examines the antecedents of m-shopping triggered by m-advertising and resulting purchasing outcomes, considering consumer innovativeness as a moderator. The data collected from consumer survey will be analyzed with a variety of statistical methods and tests. The sample includes the users of mobile devices in Croatia. This project contributes to better understanding of the drivers and the effectiveness of m-advertising from the consumer point of view. The originality of this research is that it is the first study to examine the moderating impact of consumer innovativeness in advertising campaigns in driving consumer purchases in m-commerce context. The project should provide recommendations for marketers how to better target their customers on the move and increase sales revenues.