An analysis of the “Employment and social situation in Croatia” for the European Parliament

Commissioned by: The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament
Project duration: October 1, 2019–October 11, 2019
Project manager: Iva Tomić
Collaborators: Ivica Rubil, Paul Stubbs, Danijel Nestić

The Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament has requested an in-depth analysis of the employment and social situation in Croatia in view of its delegation visit to Croatia in October 2019.   

The analysis will convey key facts about the economy and analyze indicators related to the situation in employment and social inclusion, including the social dialogue structures in place. It should also provide an overview of the priorities of and results achieved by employment and social policies in Croatia, including a brief overview of relevant legislation in the fields of employment, social protection, and working conditions, including health and safety at work. The overview should also include the role of social partners and NGOs in policy design and implementation. Additionally, a brief analysis of the use of ESF funding and the Youth Employment Initiative in Croatia should also be a part of the report, as well as a brief outline of the priorities of the upcoming Croatian Presidency of the EU in the field of employment and social affairs announced so far.

RESEARCH AREAS: Labor market and competencies; Inequality, poverty and social policy

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