Concept, strategy, system and politics of gasification of Republic of Croatia – in the new economic geography (geoeconomy) (2006–2011)

Commissioned by: Plinacro
Project duration: 2007
Project manager: Slavko Kulić, PhD
Collaborators: Zoran Aralica, Zvonimir Baletić, Jelena Šišinački, Marija Pavkov

The study explored the internal and international determinants of the global concept of gasification of the Republic of Croatia in the conditions of the internal state and the global energy moment. In a critical sense, it was considered that construction of the gas transport system was in the unconventional state of movement of the Croatian economy and society, which determined the meaning of transport system construction and gas consumption as an important energy source for the Republic of Croatia in the following 5-15 years. By positioning the company as a new energy subject in the Republic of Croatia, with the support of the Government of the Republic of Croatia for Gasification, Plinacro becomes an important international entity on the gas market in Europe.