Construction sector analysis

Commissioned by: Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning
Project duration: May 6 – November 6, 2019
Project manager: Tajana Barbić
Collaborators: Maruška Vizek, Bruno Škrinjarić


The main aim of the project was to analyze sectoral trends in the construction industry in Croatia. In particular, the aim was to analyze the developments in civil engineering, building construction, and specialized services in construction, excluding the road construction companies. In addition, the aim was to analyze the results and performance of companies operating in these sectors. As part of the financial analysis, we analyzed the publicly available data from the financial statements of companies operating in the construction sector. The source of data was the database of the Financial Agency (FINA) and the relevant statistics of the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DZS). Financial and accounting analysis was focused on selected balance sheet categories and financial indicators, including indicators of activity, indebtedness, profitability, and liquidity.

RESEARCH AREAS: Sectors and enterprises; Croatian economy