Croatia - Support to Improve Poverty and Social Policies Monitoring

Commissioned by: The World Bank
Project duration: January 9, 2023 – June 12, 2023 
Project manager: Ivica Rubil

The WBG supported the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy in Croatia in the development of: (i) a methodology for a poverty and social exclusion database system based on administrative data, which included the development of a geo-referenced database for tracking poverty and social exclusion indicators, a list of stakeholders, a proposal of bilateral legal agreements between the MLPSFSP and relevant agencies, an institutional and administrative set up of an implementation unit, standardized protocols, and guidelines for data analysis and reporting; and (ii) a methodology for a social policies monitoring information system to track the implementation progress of five national strategic plans with a focus on the engagements of the stakeholders responsible for the implementation of the national strategic plans.

RESEARCH AREA: Inequality, poverty and social policy