Diagnosing and addressing aging and care related bottlenecks for an efficient labor market in Croatia

Commissioned by: World Bank
Project duration: November 16, 2022 – April 18, 2023 
Project manager: Vedran Recher
Collaborators: Tibor Kovač, Lea-Karla Matić

The study, which was the main result of the project/service, covered disincentives to work due to pension design, analysis of health and social care related issues restricting labor supply, analysis of skills and employment issues such as labor regulation. A detailed analysis of activation policies was also undertaken. The key issue was exploring the possible ways to increase labour force participation (LFP) in Croatia. Furthermore, given the importance of migration, the report explored ways to promote policies encouraging staying in the Croatian workforce and supporting return migration. Assessment of labor market issues was followed by attendant policy recommendations as part of the review.


RESEARCH AREA: Labor market and competencies