Digital atlas of the HT Group

Commissioned by: Croatian Telecom
Project duration: August 14, 2019–September 5, 2019
Project manager: Maruška Vizek

The aim of Digital atlas of the HT Group is to evaluate in a systematic and consistent way the influence the companies consisting the HT Group exhibit on digital transformation of Croatian economy and society. In order to achieve this aim, in the Atlas we present the results of several analytical and estimation methods, including input-output analysis and panel data estimation. The results of aforementioned methods are structured into five dimensions represented by five chapters of the Atlas. These are: Digital company, Digital infrastructure, Digital business, Digital society and Smart life.

Digital atlas of the HT Group encompasses the estimation of overal economic impact of HT Group on Croatian economy, the estimation of multiplicative effects of different types of digital infrastructure investments, and the estimation of changes of available internet speed in fixed network and the change of data traffic on the performance of Croatian companies.

RESEARCH AREA: Sectors and enterprises