Establishment of a multifunctional classroom at The Institute of Economics, Zagreb - EIZmetrics

Commissioned by: The project was financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund
Intermediate body level 1: Ministry of Science and Education
Intermediate body level 2: The Central Finance and Contracting Agency - CFCA
Project duration: June 7, 2018 – June 7, 2020
Project value:  HRK 1,469,940.00, fully financed by EU funds
Project coordinator: Zoran Aralica
CollaboratorsMaruška Vizek, Tajana Barbić, Marina Tkalec

EIZmetrics project enabled the establishment and operation of a fully equipped computer classroom functioning as a suitable space for research activities, transfer of knowledge, dissemination of results and implementation of research and development projects. Considering the fact that the existing research infrastructure at the Institute was outdated and its premises were not suitable for quality implementation of all research activities, the purpose of the project was to adapt the existing part of the area into a new, modern and equipped computer classroom where research activities will be carried out. The project contributes to the sustainability of the SmartEIZ project even after its completion (December 2018).The new classroom opened a new space for lessons, trainings, workshops and other events related to the dissemination of knowledge and cooperation among researchers, as well as the cooperation between public, business and the scientific research sector. Implementation of this project enabled the strengthening of the Institute's capacities for achieving greater scientific excellence within the research sector in the Republic of Croatia. The Institute of Economics, Zagreb upgraded its research capacities to a new level and equipped a space for interdisciplinary research within which researchers from different fields of social sciences and other fields of science are able to network on a national and an international level. Through a larger number of applied research studies and due to the adequate space for the implementation of social science experiments, researchers will achieve better results and have concrete recommendations for policy makers in the field of economics, thereby affecting the state sector, and thus indirectly the economic sector on a national level.

The result of the project is the establishment of a new multi-purpose equipped classroom at the Institute of Economics, Zagreb.
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