Ex-ante evaluation of the Međimurje County Development Strategy; Ex-ante RSMŽ

Commissioned by: Međimurje County
Project duration: April, 2014 – June, 2017
Project manager: Irena Đokić, PhD

Brief outline:
Main purpose of ex-ante evaluation is to improve a quality of county development strategy (CDS) and in parallel, a quality of the whole programming process. Evaluation should contribute to achievement of linkage between CDS (in this case of Međimurje County) with the Strategy of Regional Development of the Republic of Croatia and ensure coherence with other county and national strategic development documents as well as with those at EU level. Ex-ante evaluation will ensure that CDS of Međimurje County will be evaluated based on the following main criteria: – justification of CDS; – relevance (relevance and strengths of information and their completeness); – consistency of objectives; – coherence (internal: sinergy between CDS objectives, external: with other development programmes).