Investment project on PET and cyclotron in Croatia: pre-feasibility study

Commissioned by: Ruđer Bošković Institute
Project duration: March, 2004 – October, 2004
Project manager: Mustafa Nušinović, PhD

The pre-feasibility study on the investment project on PET and Cyclotron in Croatia is prepared by the Institute of Economics, Zagreb for the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. In this study our aim is to develop the understanding of the PET/CT technology and the benefits and advantages of the application of such technology in modern medicine. We aim to demonstrate the cost benefit analysis of the various options available for the introduction of this technology in Croatia – purchase of PET cameras only, and the option of the purchase of the Cyclotron unit – the producer of raw materials needed in PET diagnostics. We seek to provide the necessary information for the decision-makers on the matter of the feasibility of PET technology introduction in the medical centres of the Republic of Croatia.