Predispositions of positioning HEP as the leader in electroenergetic market of South-East Europe – sociocultural understanding of post-conflict circumstances

Commissioned by: HEP Group
Project duration: October 1, 2006 – March 1, 2007
Project manager: Slavko Kulić, PhD

Positioning of Croatia in South-East Europe region, as middle-European and Mediterranean culture and civilisation in post-conflict times, significantly determined positioning and promotion of HEP as leader in electroenergetic market in SEE. Global insight into the circumstances of political relations in SEE - especially new countries towards Croatia, indicated high level of animosity. That warns that the role of HEP as a leader on electroenergetic market in SEE is premature. Such role presupposes consolidation of political situation of Croatia in the SEE region, in the context of demystification and constructive role its economic subjects. Such Croatian position is possible due to attractive and competitive geographical position as a link between Middle and SEE as the whole, including the electroenergetic market as well.