Public-private sector wage differentials in Croatia

Commissioned by: World Bank
Project duration: March 31, 2020 – June 30, 2020
Project manager: Danijel Nestić
Collaborators: Iva Tomić, Ivica Rubil

The main output was a detailed report on the public sector workforce characteristics and wage premium in Croatia. The report analyzed:

  • characteristics of the public sector workforce and changes in its composition. It described the public sector workforce by individual characteristics which included gender, educational attainment, age, and type of contract (permanent, fixed term, other).
  • which sectors drove an increase in overall number of public sector employees and within each sector the report analyzed the change in number of employees according to different occupations
  • public-private wage gap. This was done for the entire public sector, but also separately for different sectors. 
The report was based on available data from the Croatian Bureau of Statistics, European Commission, Eurostat, Croatian National Bank, Ministry of Finance, FINA and Labour Force Survey.