Review of energy efficiency financing schemes in Member States and recommendations to maximise their impacts and effective deployment

Commissioned by: REKK Energiapiaci Tanacsado within a contract with DG Environment 
Project duration: February 8, 2016 – November 30, 2016
Project manager: Željka Kordej-De Villa, PhD
Collaborator: Sunčana Slijepčević, PhD

Brief outline:   
The objective of this project is to identify different market situations and governance structures, the effective financing schemes that can mobilize private investments in the area of energy efficiency and to provide recommendations for their effective deployment, up-scaling and replication.   

Expected results/outputs: Review of economic instruments for energy efficiency in Croatia in the period 2010-2015. The following data are needed: general information; design elements and scope; operation; impact and evaluation.   

Activities: data collection, interviews with stakeholder (EFEPEU, HBOR); uploading the data into a web based database.   

Methodology: analysis of available national documents in the field of energy efficiency and interviews with stakeholders.   

Remark: EIZ participates in WP 1 (Mapping, analyzing and benchmarking current and up-coming financing schemes in the area of energy efficiency at the national or regional level) in the part of the project related to data collection on economic instruments in Croatia.