Support for establishing the system for strategic planning and preparing the 2030 National Development Strategy – Digital economy expert (DEEWB)

Commissioned by: The World Bank
Project duration: August 2, 2018 – March 29, 2019
Project managerSonja Radas
Collaborators: Thorsten Posselt, Steffen Preisller (external collaborators)

Digitalization has reached all industries in all sectors of society, as well as the lives of individual members of society. This Policy Note focused on Croatia's development potential as well as on short-, medium-, and long-term policy options, after a thorough diagnostic of several thematic areas. It started with a brief overview of global trends followed by an extensive overview of past development in Croatia. Further on, it dealt in detail with the challenges and the development potential of Croatia. Next, policy recommendations were considered, followed by a discussion of cross-cutting implications and then by a proposed implementation roadmap. Finally, proposals for strategic projects were considered. 

RESEARCH AREA: Sectors and enterprises