Support service in the implementation of the evaluation to the managing authority of the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds

Commissioned by: Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds
Project duration: October 20, 2021 –  June 20, 2023
Project manager:  Marina Tkalec (to November 27, 2022, Ivan Žilić project manager, Marina Tkalec collaborator)

The project's goal was to consult and oversee the implementation of evaluation projects, with particular emphasis on the evaluation of public policies using econometric and statistical methods. The role of the EIZ expert was to provide support to the Managing Authority during the implementation of 8 impact evaluations of priority axes 1,2,4,5,6,7,8 and 9 of the OP KK, which contracted independent experts carried out. Also, the EIZ expert was ensuring the transfer of knowledge required to carry out the impact evaluation to the administrative capacity of the OPKK Managing Authority.

RESEARCH AREA: Croatian economy