The importance of micro, small and medium size enterprises for Croatia

Commissioned by: Media Val d.o.o.
Project duration: June 25, 2021 – September 27, 2021
Project manager: Maruška Vizek

The purpose of this project was to prepare a report in which we analyzed micro, small and medium size entrepreneurs in the Republic of Croatia. The report was divided into three segments. First we presented an analysis of the agregate results of the entire sector of micro, small and medium size enterprises. In the second segment we focused on individual contributions of micro enterprises, of small enterprises, and of medium size elements. In the third segment we analyzed the business results of enterprises in the tourism sector. By tourism sector we assumed the accomodation sector and the touroperators and travel agencies. The analysis was focused on the period from 2010 to 2019. It involved the analysis of the number of enterprises, the number of employees, total assets, long-term and short-term liabilities, net wages, total revenues, total expenditures, net profit, total exports, investments and gross value added.

RESEARCH AREAS: Sectors and enterprises, Croatian economy