The influence of Hrvatska elektroprivreda privatization on social-economic system of the Republic of Croatia

Commissioned by: HEP Group
Project duration: 2006
Project manager: Slavko Kulić, PhD
Collaborators: Zoran Aralica, Vladimir Cvijanović, Domagoj Račić, Marija Pavkov, Igor Matutinović

The consequence of liberalization and strengthening of competitiveness at the global level is also reflected in changes at the national level, in the case of the power and energy system, primarily at the company level (in the case of Croatia - HEP). Due to the fact that HEP in Croatia makes almost the entire power system, its privatization has an impact on the overall socioeconomic order of Croatia, and the research of these implications was the goal of the study. Finally, the study provided, among other things, two basic privatization scenarios.