Academic Patenting in Europe: Database sharing, Applications and Extensions (A.P.E.)

Commissioned by: European Science Foundation
Project duration: May, 2009 – May, 2012
Project manager: Sonja Radas, PhD

Brief outline: The key aims of the project were the creation and diffusion of a harmonized database on academic patenting in Europe. Two related aims were the creation of an on-line system for updating the database through the collection of users’ information, to be subsequently extended to a larger patent database containing information on all inventors, not just the academic ones; and the exploitation of the harmonized data through a number of jointly publications.The database allows for the investigation of the economic returns of academic patenting at the scientist, university, and industry level. It also helps to investigate the extent of synergies and trade-offs between patenting and other technology transfer means such as consultancy, mobility of personnel, as well as teaching, conferencing, and publishing. Finally, it provides the basis for the creation of a larger database on inventors in Europe, to be used in studies on knowledge diffusion and labour mobility.