Analysis of economic trends as a base for Croatian energy strategy (CRO2050)

Commissioned by: Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
Project duration: May 9, 2018 - October 31, 2018
Project managerŽeljko Lovrinčević
Collaborator: Davor Mikulić


The aim of this project is development of GDP long-term projections for the Republic of Croatia until 2050. Projections are performed at the level of NUTS II regions and sectors. Projections are done for different time periods in a couple of variants depending on the assumptions deployed. We develop at least three different scenarios. Personal consumption and disposable income of household sector are also projected. Starting point for projections are demographic trends and projections. Methodology deployed for GDP projections is the European Commission methodology. It is based on the Cobb-Douglas type production function depending on different assumptions deployment regarding productivity and demography. Projections are to be done separately for Adriatic and Continental Croatia.

The project results will be used as input for the development of the Croatian energy strategy.