Analytical base for Regional Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia

Commissioned by: Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds 
Project duration: September, 2014 – December, 2014 
Project manager: Nenad Starc, PhD
Collaborators: Irena Đokić, PhD, Željka Kordej-De Villa, PhD, Ivana Rašić Bakarić, PhD, Sunčana Slijepčević, PhD

Brief outline: 
Terms of reference proposed by the Ministry covered the following tasks: 
  • collecting and assessment of available development documentation and available statistical sources;
  • defining and collecting data needed on all levels (EU, national, regional and local) selected on the basis of common indicators defined within legislative framework of ESI funds;
  • preparation of analytical base for the Regional Development Strategy;
  • preparation of recommendations for situation analysis in planning on levels lower than national.  

The analytical base revealed regional differences and potentials in the following research areas:
  • economic situation and trends (GDP, competitiveness, key development sectors, personal income);
  • demographic situation and trends (key demographic changes derived from the last population census, urbanization);
  • employment and human resources – situation and trends (employment and unemployment rates, education level, skills and qualifications, housing policy, social exclusion and inclusion, social care, quality of life, health care, energy sources, crime rate); 
  • regional development potentials (transport connections, environment, touristic potential, agricultural land, energy sources);
  • development of public infrastructure (condition and quality of communal, economic and social infrastructure).
  • list of documents relevant for analitic base for regional development planning prepared;
  • list of data to be collected for the purpose of calculating key indicators prepared;
  • data for analytical base prepared;
  • analitical base draft delivered to the Ministry;
  • additional indicators and analytical base prepared and delivered to the Ministry; 
  • recommendations for situation analysis on levels lower than national prepared.