Consulting services in preparation of Ageing Report

Commissioned by: Ministry of Labour and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia
Project duration: from July 12, 2017 to December 1, 2017
Project manager: Danijel Nestić
Collaborator: Iva Tomić

Project goal is to prepare, in cooperation with experts from the Ministry of Work and Pension System and the Croatian Pension Insurance Fund, the background papers and analyses for the 2018 Ageing Report. Expected result are verified and functional pension model, description of the actual pension system and recent reforms, description of the results of long-term pension projections, prepared Country Fiche for Croatia, checked pension adequacy projections. Consulting services include provision of recommendations on the most appropriate methods on pension projections and on proper reporting formats, which will be communticated in the series of meetings and other means, in particular by reports and comments related to the results and draft reports prepared by the Ministry and the HZMO.