Definition of development prioritites on the level of statistical NUTS II regions – MRRFEU NUTS II

Commissioned by: Ministry of regional development and EU funds
Project duration: September 30, 2015. – July 15, 2016.
Project manager: Marijana Sumpor, PhD
Collaborators: Ljiljana Božić, PhD, Irena Đokić, PhD, Ivana Rašić Bakarić, PhD, Nenad Starc, PhD, Sandra Švaljek, PhD

Project goals:
The Overall objective of this project is to contribute to balanced regional development and competitiveness of all parts of the Republic of Croatia and to the reduction of regional inequalities. The Specific objective of this project is to define regional development priorities within NUTS II regions for the elaboration of the Regiona development strategy (RDS) of the Republic of Croatia until 2020.