Development strategy for the Croatian textile and clothing industry for the 2006–2015 period

Commissioned by: Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship
Project duration: January – May, 2007
Project manager: Ivan Teodorović, PhD

Explanation of the need for a project proposal:
Following the study The analysis of the state of the textile and clothing industry, we developed the Textile and Clothing Industry Development Strategy. This study was connected with EIZ's ongoing research.
Project goals:
(1) define institutional development conditions;
(2) make SWOT analysis;
(3) project the growth and expected structural adaptation of the textile and clothing industry;
(4) identify development goals and programs;
(5) propose industrial policy measures to encourage restructuring.
Project content:
The basic structure of the content was:
0. Summary
1. Introduction
2. Institutional Development Conditions
3. SWOT analysis
4. Growth projections and expected structural adjustments in the textile and clothing industry
5. Components of the textile and clothing development strategy
6. Conclusions