Prefeasibility study of the Županja bio-ethanol factory construction

Commissioned by: "Viro", d.d. Virovitica, "Sladorana", d.d. Županja and "Kandit-Premijer" d.d. Osijek 
Project duration: July, 2007 – February, 2008
Project manager: Mustafa Nušinović, PhD

Biofuel production is one of the strategic orientations of developed countries within sustainable development. The identified investment opportunity was seen in the context of the production and organizational adjustment of Croatian sugar factories to the expected changes in the environment. The aim of this project was to undertake an interdisciplinary research and analysis to develop the "Pre-investment study of justification for building bioethanol plant". The study was a document assessing the market, technological, technical, financial and socio-economic justification of investments in the construction of a bioethanol plant. The study proposed that Kandit Premijer Ltd., Sladorana d.d. and VIRO Sugar Factory d.d. together found the company «HETANOL» d.d. which would position itself as a competitive biofuel producer and an effective co-operative organization in crop production.