Public administration reform in Croatia

Commissioned by: Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) 
Project duration: March – September, 2011
Project manager: Jelena Budak, PhD
Collaborators: Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović, Danijel Nestić

Brief outline: 
The study “10 themes of public administration reform in Croatia” was produced as a “catalogue” of public administration reform areas with public policy recommendations. The study was presented to national public policy stakeholders, experts and general public for further development and discussion. Identified topics of public administration reform were: Government and citizens: transparency, quality of service and good governance; Decentralization: towards more efficient public administration; Multilevel governance and intergovernmental fiscal relations; Pros and cons of partial privatization of public services; Public private partnerships: challenges to public administration; Increased competence of public administration employees; Rewarding remuneration of public administration employees; Increased public integrity and curbing corrupt behavior; Regulatory framework favoring entrepreneurship and investment: the role of public administration; Performance measurement of results in public administration.