The connection between electronic business and combating gray economy in Croatia – E-PAY

Commissioned by: Komunikacijski laboratorij d.o.o. (VISA) 
Project duration: October 17, 2016 – February 17, 2017   
Project manager: Jelena Budak, PhD
Collaborators: Bruno Škrinjarić, Vedran Recher

Brief outline: 
The main project objectives were to determine the relationship between electronic payment and suppression of the grey economy, and to identify specific contexts, distribution channels, products and services which had the potential to suppress the grey economy using card payments. 

Project activities included the development of a survey that was used to collect the data necessary for the research, the implementation of the survey (data collection) on a representative sample of consumers, and the development of the study and presentation with the results and the main conclusions of the research. 

The research was carried out in Croatia, by a telephone survey on a nationally representative sample of 500 consumers aged 18 to 65 years. Online phone directory was used as a sampling frame. Proportional stratified sample was applied with control variables counties, gender and age. Within each stratum a combination of random and systematic sampling was applied. Each page of phonebook was chosen by random sampling, while the respondents from each page were selected by systematic sampling. The survey instrument was a questionnaire created by the researchers from the Institute of Economics, Zagreb in collaboration with the client. Collected data were analysed by methods of descriptive statistics.