The establishment of The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund in Croatia

Commissioned by: Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection
Project duration: September 1, 2001 – July 31, 2003
Project manager: Željka Kordej-De Villa, PhD
Collaborators: Valerija Botrić, Marijana Sumpor, Nenad Starc
External research collaborators: Ida Balić, Hrvoje Matijašević, Irena Brnada, Mirjana Papafava

The project provided consultancy services and conducted the necessary research to establish the Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection Fund in Croatia in the period 2001–2003. Activities included the following: drafting of general acts and legal regulations necessary for the operation of the FZOEU; development of working guidelines and procedures (work program, financial strategy); formulating sources of Fund revenue (analysis of the current situation in the Republic of Croatia in the financing of environmental protection, selection of new instruments with impact analysis).